Thursday, 26 February 2015


Today we got into small groups and posed some possible questions for investigation.

What is your fav subject?
What is your fav KFC Krusher?
What is your fav sport?
How do you come to school?
How would you make your house out of paper?
What is you fav fruit burst flavour?
What are your two fav cheats in GTA5
What is your fav Playstation game?
How much healthy food do you eat?
What is your fav book to read?
Which do you like more, Minecraft or Call of Duty -Black Ops 2?
What is your fav song?
Who is your fav singer?
Do you prefer sweet or savoury?
What is your fav food?
What is your fav TV show?
What is your fav type of chocolate?
Do you prefer a chair or a couch to sit on in class?
What is your fav milkshake flavour?
How smart do you think you are?
What is your fav colour?
What is your fav flag?
What is your fav super shake?
Which do you prefer, drink out of bottle or can?

                                           Here we are writing about me and my culture

                                            We were writing about our family, icons,special
                                               features of our country, celebrations we value
                                               and the country flag.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Today we spent quite a bit of time getting prepared for tomorrow's whole school house day fun activities morning. Room 9 students have prepared 6 activity stations  - egg and spoon, water challenge, 3-legged race, obstacle course, relays and tug-o-war. It has been a steep learning curve for some in terms of organisation and understanding that simple, easy to follow activities will turn out more successfully for the type of event planned.

We also decided on our class jobs for the next 2 weeks. We will rotate through the different jobs so that everyone has a chance to contribute. Here they are below.

Class jobs term 1

We started on our class novel today. It's a funny and touching book by Louis Sacher called, There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. The first couple of chapters introduced the antagonist - Bradley Chalkers and the protagonist - Jeff Fishkin.
We will use this novel to introduce some of our learning tasks that students will eventually be working in independently during the year.

Oral language

Today Harry shared his trophy and cap that are special to him. He was lucky enough to have the cap signed by a Black Cap.

Amelia shared an amazing book, The Making of New Zealand signed by the Minister of Tourism in 1990. It contains a vast number of stunning colour photos of all things kiwi.

Classroom art

We are working on producing a piece of classroom art similar to the piece below.

Here are some of Room 9 preparing their silhouette image.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Today we shared our new learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and Waitangi Day. Look for the 'L' section.

TOW 2015

Growth / Fixed Mindset challenge

To do this challenge we had to work together and never give up. The challenge was the Card Towers Challenge - Zoe

Tomorrow we are going to do it again and beat our best mark, including Louise and Briana's 35cm. - Harry

The aim of the challenge was to see who could build the highest card tower - Alissa

How we felt as we struggled with the challenge and failed

angry, frustrated, annoyed, cross, furious, I can't do it, happy, challenged, disappointed, this is too hard, I was mad

How I felt when I was successful - Louise, Briana
excited, smiley, extremely happy, relieved, satisfied 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Spaghetti Tower

Challenge: construct the tallest free-standing tower using only the allocated resources... in 10 minutes

Dispositions you will need: Collaborating: with your team mates
                                             Question: you design and your team mates' ideas
                                              Be Curious: take a look at other towers -  can you piggyback their idea
                                              Be Resilient - Don't give up - look for other solutions

And the WINNERS of today's challenge:

 Callum, Cormac and Zach

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Something Special to Me

Treaty of Waitangi

As part of our learning we have completed the 'K' and 'W' of a KWL. 'K' stands for 'What we know'; 'W' stands for 'What we want to know / learn / find out'; and the 'L' stands for 'What we have learned'.

All of the information on the KW are verbatim - exactly what students said.

Our challenge now is to find answers to the questions we have come up with, as well as extend our understanding of Waitangi Day and the Treaty.

Treaty of Waitangi KWL

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