Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Gala songs

Here are links to the two songs we will be singing at the Gala this Friday.

Snoopy's Christmas

One Call Away

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Today we had many passion project presentations from Matina, Amelia, Jessica ,Campbell, Jack W , Josh, Rishab and Cormac.

Matina shared her presentation on wolves.
Jessica shared an individual presentation on leopards, while Jessica also combined with Josh, Campbell and Jack W to present as epic show on Star Wars.
Rishab and Cormac shared their presentation on paintball.
Amelia shared her presentation on the programme Next Step

They were very impressive and it was great to see all the effort and collaboration that had gone into the preparation and presentation of their Passion Projects.

Here are some photos of us in action.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cooling off with an ice block

Today, continuing a bit of a tradition, we celebrated out first swim of term 4 with an ice block whilst warming up in the sun.

There seem to be quite a few happy students!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

World Of Maths Roadshow

Today we joined Room 9 for the World Of Maths Roadshow.

We went to the hall where we were greeted by a large array of activity stations. Working in groups of 4 we moved around to as many different activities as possible within the set time and took up the challenge of completing the activity.

There were instructions for each activity, which were helpful when read prior to jumping into the activity. Data, answers and drawings were recorded on a worksheet.

Here are some comments from us about what we enjoyed.

I enjoyed the Bird's Eye View activity because it was a challenge to make all the things - Callum

I enjoyed Escape because Isaac and I had a bit of a challenge to work it out but we did in the end, with a little help form Graeme - Leah

I had fun playing Mouse in the House with my group especially when we had the fruit burst challenge at the end - Ngakau

I enjoyed Escape because at the start it was real challenge but I got it in the end - Zoe

I enjoyed the Bird's Eye View because it was a challenge for me and I enjoy challenges - Matina

I enjoyed Off the Island and Mouse in the House, and  and I especially enjoyed when my team bet Mr Forman - Rishab

I enjoyed Escape because me and Campbell tried and tried but we couldn't get it - Jack W

I enjoyed Bird's Eye View because it was a great challenge -Amber

I enjoyed doing the Escape with Briana. It was challenging but at the end we did it-Louise

I enjoyed doing Escape. It was very hard but in the end me and Harry got it right, and the easiest one was the one when you a person from one side to the other side- Joshua

I enjoyed doing the Mouse in the House. It was fun but the red circle just kept going into the dining room instead of the others. Most of the times it did -soulin

Here are some photos of us in action




Monday, 16 November 2015

Well Done, Room 9 students

Congratulations to the following students who received a certificate at today's full school assembly.

Lily: Silver CARE certificate
Logan: Bronze CARE certificate
Beau, Soulin and Amber: who received Bucket Filler certificates for always having a positive attitude at school and towards their learning.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Persuasive argument

Today we looked at the question:
Should animals be kept in zoos away from their natural habitats and families?

Students decided whether they agreed, disagreed or supported argument for both sides.

We got into these groups and shared our opinions. Once we had finished this, we spilt off into new groups that consisted of students from all three areas of opinion. We then shared our ideas and opinions.

Here we are in action:

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New persuasive literacy unit

Today we kicked off our new persuasive writing, reading and oral language unit.

We had the statement: I feel a modern learning environment is the best system for me

We talked out our ideas and opinions in small groups and then shared our ideas with the class.

After that we got out our writing exercise books and started stating our position and providing supporting evidence and anecdotes.

We are working towards the Year 5 / 6 speech competition.