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We are focusing on sentence starters to make our writing more readable and interesting.

We have been sharing our writing on the post section

How can I help my child's writing at home? you say.

Use the resource below to work with your child to generate more interesting sentences.

Sentence starter menu

Idea to start of the writing process -  Writing prompts

Cause and Effect - a guide

Cause and Effect guide

Report Writing

We are learning to write a non-chronological report (an information report).

We began by looking at some information reports and identifying the key features.

We have included then in our WALT guide sheet.

Report WALT and SC

Here is a copy of the print we used to work on to help us with identifying sub headings, topic sentences and information relevant to each sub heading.

WW1 info report for class
We are now going to write our own report on the Airforce Museum. Here is the link to the website.

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