Speech Competition

When: Finals -->  Tuesday 1st December
Where:           --> The hall
When:            --> 9:00 - 10:00am
What:            --> students prepare a 2 minute speech on either a suggested topic or one of their choice

Does everyone have to do it?
 --> Yes, each student will present their speech in class

Who goes into the final?
 --> each class will select 2 students to go through to the final, except room 9 which will select 2 year 5 students and 1 year 6.

What are the suggested topics?


  • Should animals be kept in zoos away from their natural habitats and families?
  • Should NZ take more refugees?
  • Should people live in smaller communities?
  • Should New Zealand get a new flag?
  • Should people be able to hunt animals for sport?

What will I be scored on?

Click on the image to see a larger version of the scoring rubric.

year 5 / 6 speech rubric

A good argument is...
- convincing
- well argued
- supported by evidence

A good argument has
- a powerful opening
- well structured and thought out paragraphs
- powerful persuasive language (paragraph starters, sentence starters, persuasive vocabulary)


Below are some resources you could take a look at to help you prepare your speech.

Example of quality speeches
- 2012 Ellesmere Speech contest winner
- Girl who silenced the world for five minutes
- Kid President

Should New Zealand get a new flag?

The Government of New Zealand have asked the people of New Zealand to decide if they would like a new New Zealand flag.
The first stage of this was when they asked people to design and submit their own designs for a new flag.
The Flag Consideration Panel received 10,292 entrants to its nationwide design competition.

Click here to see some of the flag designs that made it to the top 40 

Why did Prime Minister John Key think we needed a new flag?
Click on the link above and you will find the answer.

Stage 2 is where people get to vote for the flag they like the best, of the 5 possible new flags chosen by the Flag Consideration Panel. This vote is called a referendum. A referendum is a vote by the people on a single political issue - this time it is the flag. This means Kiwis get a chance to have their voice heard.

Stage 3 is another referendum, and this will take place next year. This referendum will ask the people of New Zealand- 'Do you want to keep the current flag or change it for the winning design?' This is a highly important referendum because a country's flag is representative of the people and the country.

So, what do you think? Which of the 5 designs do you prefer. Learn about them and then rank them from 1-5 of what you like. 1 being your first choice, down to 5 which is your least preferred.

Take a look at this video and see what a class of students think.

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