Friday, 5 June 2015

Room 9 V Room 10 challenge

Today the mighty Room 9 took on Room 10 in a game of Dodge Ball Bomb.

After a thorough demonstration and explanation of the rules it was game on. In fact, we ended up having 3 games. Room 9 played as a team on a mission and won all 3 games.

 As a result we retained the CUP. As our Student of the Day, Brianna received the cup as well as giving a short speech on behalf of Room 9.

 We in Room 9 believe that there is a lot of social learning that can be learned through sport.
Our foci for our class challenges are honesty,persistence, resilience as well as how to be a humble winner and a positive loser.

 Here is Briana and Holly during the speech and presentation event.

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