Monday, 24 August 2015

Our understanding of financial literacy - here are our ideas of what we think it is about

Financial Literacy

Money     banks            literacy            taxes
bills     deposits    gold    jewels    balance  
 shares mortgage    credit    credit card   wages  
 bronze   silver    deposit card    debt    eftpos   gold bars
pay checks   groceries   cash register   
Government  - political system   
percentage (20% off, tax of 15%)   correct change    
maths   utilities( power, water, gas)   coins   notes    
insurance (contents, health)  Visa card, Master card     
 fly buys    data   loyalty cards    Rand (SA)   work    
paying for stuff    pay day  fines (fire, police)   
technology   Google / internet   protests / strikes   
debt collection   jobs   lawyers  chores   professional sport players   
court   community service / jail      retirement - Superannuation  
 overseas   personal spending      a Will    services  - hotels, doctors  

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