Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Writing hotspot #1 Sentences that tell us 'when'

As part of our plan to improve our writing we are focusing on sentence starters. We have a 'menu' of ways we can make our writing more readable and interesting.
Today we focused on #1 on the menu  - sentences that tell us when.

A few years ago, I broke my toe three times.
On Tuesday, we get our uniform at school.
Last Saturday, I played football at ASB football park.
Yesterday, my dog ate my head.

WALT start sentences that tell you 'when'

On Saturday at 8:30am,
A few years ago,
After school on Thursday,
On Friday 15th April 2832,
When I was at swimming,
At soccer practice on Thursday,
In 2010 on the first of April, before lunchtime,
Yesterday, just after 5:00pm,

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