Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Writing in Room 9 today

Today we focused on #10 of the Sentence Starter Menu.

Here are some examples that we wrote.

10 The ‘-ing’ starter

‘-ing’ starter
main clause
sitting on the couch,

Smiley ate bananas
sitting comfortably,

lying on the ground, Cormac passed the ruler to Oscar
Sitting the mat, Alissa put her hand up.
Sitting at her desk, Leah used a ruler to make a grid.
Exploding with mirth, the class laughed at the joke
Writing in her diary, Jessica sat on the plane thinking about France
While reading a book, Rishab fell off the playground.
Sitting on the mat, Louise copied out the words.
Running up at Ladder, Tripple H landed his finisher pile driver.
Lying on the ground, the dog slobbered on Mr Forman’s shoes.
Relaxing on his uncomfortable bed, Rishab scoffed his daily KFC.
Sighing, Mr Forman sat on his chair.

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