Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mrs Trotter visits to talk about E.O.T.C

Today we invited Mrs Trotter to come to our room to talk to us about what is involved in planning a visit to somewhere outside of the school.

Many of us want to visit somewhere outside of school in connection with our Passion Project.

We learned that we need to put in a proposal for a visit as well as a Risk And Management (RAMs) plan detailing who will take us, how we will get there, what the risks are in going and how we will manage these.

Our next step is to take a look at the proposal document and a RAMs form so that we can complete one and learn about the procedure as we will need to complete them, with a little help from Mr F.

Student of the Day, Leah, welcoming Mrs Trotter and explaining why we had invited her to Room 9.

Cormac explains to Mrs Trotter about our SDL programme in Room 9.

Beau explains that he thinks going to the beach entails more risk that going to the shops and some of the reasons why.

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