Monday, 20 July 2015

team collaboration


Today we started our first Collaborative challenge. We will be focusing a lot on this in term 3. Students were able to choose their groups - later on they won't!!

Our first challenge was a NZ geography challenge.

Country Challenge
Resource - Blank NZ map

  1. City location
Locate these cities, mark with an ‘X’ and write the name of the city / town
  • Kaitaia
  • Auckland
  • Napier
  • Palmerston North
  • Wellington
  • Nelson
  • Kaikoura
  • Christchurch
  • Greymouth
  • Queenstown
  • Invercargill
  • Dunedin

2. Province location

Draw the outline of each region in NZ, label them  - rule a line and label, use coloured pencils to shade each province

What skills did you use to make your collaborative activity successful?

* Shared out the tasks (looking up in the atlas, writing down the name, colouring in the provinces) - Lily
* Talked positively with each other - got on well and that made it quite easy - Beau
* Used resources to help - Alissa
* We all knew different parts so we shared together - Ngakau
* We all worked as a team and we had turns naming the city and where it was. Each person had a job so no one was just sitting there watching - Josh
* We had a book that didn't show the regions and we asked the other group for a resource - inter-group co-operation - Cormac
* We were collaborating together - we were just getting on with it and worked well together - Leah

What did you find challenging?

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